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The Pressroom was developed from the ideas of several fans and generous contributions of material
from Solid Gold, TheOldMaid, PSPOT, Paul, Mathmatika, AngieT, Quatro48, Phil and Stratocastergirl.
If you have any scans of clippings or other memorabilia that you would be willing to share with fans
then please email them to fanny7roads[at]googlemail[dot]com

Volume 1: Newspaper clippings:

Fanny Fly Back to the UK

Fanny With Rock and Chips

Everybody Loves Fanny

Fanny for Britain

Hardrocking Fanny

Get Some Fanny


Volume 2: Posters, promos and adverts:

NY Times promo 1971

Stone the Crows & Fanny

Family & Fanny

Mother's Pride Promo


Rock and Roll Survivors


Volume 3: Newspaper Clippings:

Fanny Talk 1

Fanny Talk 2

Fanny - Not Just Pretty Pop

Fanny-fare for Britain


Volume 4: Newspaper Clippings:

Fanny Banned!

Mom's Pride

From Cloaks to Hotpants

Goldmine Review of Rhino Box Set

Goldmine Interview (Part I)

Goldmine Interview (Part II)


Volume 5: Records, Sleeves and Poster:

I Need You Need Me

Ain't That Perculiar I

Ain't That Perculiar II

Patti, Rock'n'roll Survivor

Records Centres

Charity Ball Front

Charity Ball Back


Volume 6: Newspaper Clippings

Phonograph Magazine 1

Phonograph Magazine 2

Phonograph Magazine 3

Phonograph Magazine 4

Alice de Buhr - Iowa's Rock'n'roll Hall of Fame - 1

Alice de Buhr - Iowa's Rock'n'roll Hall of Fame - 2


Volume 7: Posters, Tickets, Cassette Sleeves and Autograph

Fanny and Slade

First Time in a Long Time

Fanny and Little Feat

Fanny Supported by Thin Lizzy

Fanny Autographs, Wolverhampton 1973

Charity Ball Cassette Sleeve

Fanny HIll, Mothers Pride Cassette Sleeves


Volume 8: Newspaper Clippings From Paul's Scrapbook

Fanny Rocking

Butter Boy Review

Fun to be Fanny

Fanny Support Jethro Tull I

Fanny Support Jethro Tull II

Guys and Gals

Fanny at the Troubador


Volume 9: Newspaper Clippings From Paul's Scrapbook

Love Lines I, II

Fanny: Vorläufigzum Trio reduziert (Fanny Temporarily Reduced to a Trio)

Patti Leaves Fanny

Pattie geht, June kommt zurück(Patti Goes, June Comes Back)

The Text of Several Magazine Articles on Fanny


Volume 10: Photos From Cherry's Scrapbook

Alice De Buhr

The Fab Four Hanging Out Together

Fanny: The Final Days

Fanny: The Glitter Days

Fanny: Las Sanatarellas!


Volume 11: Clippings From Paul's Scrapbook

Across Europe

Fanny At a Crossroads

Fanny: Girls Put the Boot In!

Alice de Buhr


Fanny In Backnell

Fanny In Llanellip>

Fanny Lack Vocal Power

Fanny Tour Dates

Max's Kansas City

Tour Details


Volume 12: Clippings From Paul's Scrapbook

We Call Them Gropies

The Fab Four Hanging Out TogetherFanny Pose Nude?

Solid Gold

Charity Ball

Fanny Family

Liberated Fanny

Lucky Fanny

The Millingtons

Queens of Rock

Wolverhampton Gig


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