General Information About the band

Your first port of call for information on Fanny should be The FannyRocks website run by Alice, Byron and Nickey. Here you will be able to contact the band members, read a detailed history of the band, see photos from their personal collection, watch several videos of them playing and look out for exclusive information about forthcoming events!

Metal Maidens History of Fanny - Back To The Past (29).

Fanny the band (Wikipedia).

"Rocking the Boat" - article on the Boston Reunion.

"Iowa Rock'n'Roll Music Association 2005 Hall of Fame Inductee... Alice DeBuhr", an article about Alice getting an award for her contributions to rock music.

Nite Cafe Story - seven pages about one musician's memories of hanging out with Fanny during their early period.

Article on Fanny 1973 in The Tech - MIT magazine (PDF file).

The Unlegendary Fanny - personal reflections about the band.

"ROCKRGRL Honors Fanny, Legendary Female Band", article about the Berklee Reunion.

Jamie Anderson's article "When Fanny Rocked."

Guitaristka's page on Fanny (in Russian) - lots of photos.


Reviews of Fanny's Albums

"First Time In A Long Time."

Meet Fanny, the Pioneering Women's Rock Band.

(As above) "The Unsung Pioneers of Women in Rock", Meet FANNY (Pt 1).

"The Unsung Pioneers of Women in Rock", Meet FANNY (Pt 2).

Fanny: The "First Time in a Long Time" Review by: Nicole Blizzard.

"Fanny Live"- plug by Earl Slick.

"Fanny Live" - various buyers' reviews.

FannyRocks album reviews.

Robert Christgau's reviews of the four Reprise albums.

Jef Fazekas and Other Buyers' Reviews of the Rhino Box Set.

Contains information about Fanny's albums, compilations and singles.






Photos from Fanny's Boston reunion - Earle Baldwin.

Books featuring the history and significance of Fanny in rock music (based on a Google book search).

Fanny thread on music forum (in Russian).

Fanny photos at Lancaster University 1973 - Boyd Harris.

Articles about the band from various rock publications on Rock'sBackPages Library site.

"Charity Ball" (45 version) - Review.

Article on "She-Rock", paragraph on Fanny, Bangkok Recorder.

TR1Guy's blog.

Details of June Millington's concert in Manila (23 April 2008).

Sold Gold's comments on Fanny's vs The Runaways.

Capac's Blog - 'Rocking girls - Fanny' (in Danish).

Lyrics and sound clip of a song June Millington co-wrote with Marylin Tomeo - 'She Walks on Water.'


"June Millington", Excerpted from Michael Pierce's interview in the March '73 issue of Guitar Player.

"JUNE MILLINGTON - Nothing Like the Sound of Music" by Sue Barrett.

Interview with JUNE MILLINGTON - By Nicole Blizzard.

Eric S. Caruncho interviews JUNE MILLINGTON during her 2008 trip to the Philippines: 'The Untold Saga of Fanny'

'Meeting a Rock Legend', another JUNE MILLINGTON interview from Caruncho.

Interview with ALICE DE BUHR (Extended Version) - By Nicole Blizzard.

"ALICE DE BUHR (FANNY)", series of email interviews conducted by PSPOT.

Interview with NICKEY BARCLAY - By Nicole Blizzard.

Interview with JEAN MILLINGTON - By Nicole Blizzard.

Interview with WENDY HAAS-MULL, August 17th.2007.

Interview with the FANNY the band in Der Spiegel (45/1972 vom 30.10.1972, Seite 196), the interview is in German.




The FannyRocks website has videos featuring the band playing "Charity Ball","Blind Alley" , "Special Care" and "Borrowed Time" - oh yes !!

YouTube Videos
The YouTube videos are also a source of information as they contain comments from numerous fans and, at times, the band!

A new Fanny fans video group appeared on the YouTube in July 2008 - The Flamekeepers - it allows you to find all current Fanny videos in one place!

Fanny - Place in the Country.

Fanny - Charity Ball (live).

Fanny - Charity Ball.

Fanny - Butter Boy.

Fanny -Young and Dumb" (1971).

Fanny - I'm Satisfied (1973).

Fanny - Borrowed Time (1971).

Fanny - I've Had It.

June Millington & Johnny Alegre jamming at Magnet Katipunan.


Miscellaneous continued

Discussion of Fanny's music on German rock forum (in German).

John Conroy's (guitarist) page describing his memories of playing with the Nickey Barclay Band in mid-70s London.

Details of June Millington's concert in Manila (23 April 2008).

Album Lyrics

At the bottom of each lyrics page is a playlist or a few fan remxies from the album, if you would like to hear or purchase the original tracks by Fanny then visit the music page on the FannyRocks site listed at the top of this page!

Toomuch's lyrics from the Fanny album.

TheOldMaid's lyrics from the Charity Ball album.

TheOldMaid & TooMuch's lyrics from the Fanny Hill album.

TheOldMaid's lyrics from the Mother's Pride album.

Paul & Patti's lyrics from the Rock and Roll Survivors album.

Toomuch's lyrics from June Millington's solo Heartsing album.

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