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Hello everyone.

I'm happy to be able to share my music with you. This record is the culmination of a living, moment. to-moment process that involves many people and situations, more often spontaneous than not, which began in January 1981, and continued throughout the year.

Eight songs were recorded and mixed in Los Angeles by myself and Tret Fure, who gave me the opportunity to express myself on a variety of instruments; without her skills and unlimited support, this project would not hove begun to all. The songs were recorded 16-track on a limited budget, with Tret and I playing and singing on the majority of that portion of Heartsong, as well as being the production team. The point was simply to record when and where we could in order to get my music "out there."

Tret helped me fulfill the fantasy of playing everything on Coconut Mentality, which up to this point Id only done at home. In a sense, these eight songs ore the truest representation of my music to date, in that so much of it was recorded in the moment, when studio time come our way, and they all really do come straight from my heart.

The Heartsong process continued in the summer of 81 in San Francisco, when Jackie Robbins, Leslie Jones, and I teamed up with the support of Judy Dlugacz at Olivia Records, to record When Wrong Is Right and I'll Keep Holding On. They were done 24-track over a period of four nights, and again could not have been accomplished without the loving energy contributed by Jackie and Leslie in both the planning and recording/mixing stages. Special thanks to them for saying "no" gently to all my superfluous ideas, and to Judy for saying an emphatic "yes"to Fabulous Records.

You will notice a distinct difference between the two and eight songs, which is merely representative of my own musical and living process, which in 1981, has token me there and back again. May we all continue to look at ourselves, mirror each other faithfully, and grow ever towards the Center. My love to you all. Thank you for providing Heartsong with a home in your hearts.




















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